EXIF Reveal




Display and edit the metadata of any digital photograph


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Reveal is a simple application capable of displaying the EXIF metadata that exists for any photograph taken with a digital camera.

EXIF (exchangeable image file format) metadata is a file format used for images captured by digital cameras.

The general information that Reveal extracts from a photograph is the following: the date and time that the image was taken, its dimension in pixels, its size in Kb, the model of the camera, and the author of the photograph.

The exposure parameters that Reveal is capable of showing are:
- Shutter speed
- Aperture
- Sensitivity
- Flash
- Exposure mode
- Focal distance
- White balance
- Contrast
- Sharpness
- And much more.

Additionally, the application generates a list that summarizes all of the information included in the metadata. This information can be exported as an XML or text file.
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